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Tak Nga Secondary School

Tak Nga Secondary School is a Hong Kong aided secondary school founded in 1962, a subsidised Girls' Catholic School sponsored by Sisters Announcers of the Lord.

The school is located at 18 Tat Chee Avenue, Yau Yat Chuen, Sham Shui Po of the Kowloon District of Hong Kong.

School Motto

Wisdom , Courage , Diligence and Perseverance

School Mission Statemet

We uphold the conviction of the great educator, St. John Bosco, that love is the core of education and prevention is better than cure. In a caring and loving environment, we nurture our students with reasons, Christian faith and love so that they achieve a balanced moral and academic development.


'''Joseph Cucchiara

Sisters Announcers of the Lord .'''

Joseph Cucchiara was born on the island Sicily of Italy in 1889. He joined Salesians of Don Bosco in 1907. After the outbreak of World War I, he followed the armies and served in hospitals.

He was delegated to the diocese of Shiu Chow of Kwangtung in 1911. He worked hard and founded many churches and schools in the area. After communists came to the area, most of these structures were in hand of communists. He was then sent to work in Aberdeen Technical School in Hong Kong. At the meantime, he helped the sisters of Sisters Announcers of the Lord from Shiu Chow to Hong Kong. He delicated much effort to help the sisters open Tak Nga Primary School and Tak Nga Secondary School. He died in Canossa Hospital on 18th December, 1966 and buried in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

The sisters from Sisters Announcers of the Lord founded a school on Tsing Yi Island and named it Father Cucchiara Memorial School to memorise his contribution.

Class Structure

Currently, the school has four classes from S1 to S3 , each form consisting of 160 students; four classes in S4 to S5, each form consisting 160 students having 1 Science classes, 1 Arts and 2 Arts & Commerce classes; two classes in Form 6 and 7, each form 1 science class consisting 28 students and 1 Arts class consisting 32 students.


Our school uses as the medium of instruction. Our policy is to create a language rich environment to train students to become bi-literate and tri-lingual. The policy is implemented through tri-lingual assemblies, English and extensive reading schemes, activities in English Corner, Society of Eloquence, English Week and Putonghua Club….etc.

Curriculum reform and planning are carried out by the Academic Committee. Some subject panels participate in pilot schemes run by the Curriculum Development Institute of EDB.

Selected subjects under planning for the New Senior Secondary curriculum in the 2009/10 s.y.:
Economics, Geography, Chinese History, History, Ethics & Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Visual Arts


There are 26 classrooms, 16 special rooms, an assembly hall, a basketball court, a multi-media learning centre, language room, dancing room and a library. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with multi-media teaching facilities. To help students learn through the Internet, the school has also installed 1G Fiber Optics network and 54M wireless LAN network. Students can use any computer to access Internet through our 30M broadband. There are computers and projectors in every classroom and special room to assist teachers in using IT in their teaching.

School Management Committee


Sr KWOK Yuet Wah Magdalene

Sr CHAN Wai Fan Mabel

Ms HO Hing Ling Mary

Mr TSE Chiu Lai
School Council:

Sr KWOK Yuet Wah

Sr CHAN Wai Fan

HO Hing Ling

TSE Chiu Lai



HO Hoi Ling

WONG May Hung

WU Kwan Fong

TSUI Yuet Wah

LAU Kai Wing

LEE Sai Leung

Teaching Staff

Nos. of teaching staff in approved establishment: 47

Nos. of teaching staff not included in approved establishment: 8

Highest Qualifications

Certificated Master/Mistress : 4%

Bachelor Degree : 67%

Master Degree : 29%

School Song

O dear Shepherd E'er so loving,

so kind so pious Bishop Versiglia.

On the fold on the flock of Tak Nga obtain Jesus' and Mary's blessing.

Tak Nga School, O happy family,

in flamed by our Martyr's deeds.

To God, our Father, give honour,

glory and thanks for gifts so blessed as these.

To be Christians,

strong & gay,and to our Baptism always true.

That's our aim for ev'ry day.

O God, our Father, help us too.

More information

Email Address:

Telephone No.: 2380 3788

Fax No.: 2787 1917

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